Red Light Violations

Risks of red light and stop sign violations

Red light and stop sign violations are a very serious issue at Capital Region intersections. Although it may seem inconsequential to roll through stop sign or speed up to make it through a light, this type of behaviour puts all road users as risk.

Intersection Safety Devices

CRISP supports the use of ISDs as a means of reducing the number and severity of intersection collisions at intersections by enforcing red light violations. Red light violation enforcement is a fundamental component of any road safety strategy and ISDs are a cost-effective tool to safely enforce these infractions and improve traffic safety in the Capital Region.

Tips for Approaching a Red Light

Obey red lights and stop signs. Take the time to come to a complete stop.

Stop before the painted lines as not to obstruct the crosswalk.

When approaching an intersection where the light has been green for some time, be prepared to stop if it changes.

A yellow light means slow down and stop unless it is unsafe to do so. Do not speed up to make the light.

Safe Left Turns

Turning left in front of oncoming traffic is one of the most deadly driving errors. One of the most common mistakes when making a left turn is misjudging the gap in traffic. Vehicles coming toward you pose the most difficult situation for gauging speed and distance. If there is any doubt, do not rush the turn. Wait for traffic to clear before turning left. A good rule of thumb to follow is: If you can’t see – don’t go.

  • When making an unprotected left turn (green light, no arrow) keep the following points in mind:
  • Proceed to one car length back from the centre point of the intersection with wheels and vehicle straight
  • Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
  • Ensure ALL lanes of oncoming traffic are clear before turning
  • Turn in, and follow, your designated lane through the intersection
  • Consider road conditions when making a left turn and adjust your speed and distance accordingly
  • Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat. Don’t succumb to ‘peer pressure’ from other drivers. Only turn when safe to do so.

Running a red light has very serious consequences.

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