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City of Edmonton

Traffic safety is important to Edmonton’s citizens and a major priority for the City of Edmonton. A safe transportation system contributes to a strong sense of community and the livability of our city.

Office of Traffic Safety website:

Size of Municipality: 849,000

Strategic Statement

The City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety will:

Reduce the prevalence of fatal, injury, and property damage collisions through the 4 E’s of traffic safety (Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Evaluation) by improving

  • urban traffic safety engineering
  • road user behaviour
  • speed management and
  • data, business intelligence and analytics

Why We Are a Partner of CRISP

Every year in the Capital Region thousands of people are injured or killed in preventable collisions resulting in substantial personal and financial costs. These collisions result in higher insurance premiums, increased wait times for emergency services and medical care, higher taxes, legal costs, lost productivity and travel delays. If we consider the pain and suffering of victims and their families the cost of these preventable collisions are almost immeasurable.

The City of Edmonton is committed to reducing the occurrence and severity of collisions throughout the capital region and is proud to be a member of CRISP.

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