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The CRISP team is uniquely qualified to implement successful, comprehensive and integrated safety initiatives owing to a diverse and multi-sectoral group of experienced, skilled and committed traffic safety and injury prevention stakeholders. The team includes researchers, engineers, enforcement officers, injury prevention experts, traffic safety professionals and communicators.

Success by the partnership has been achieved on a number of fronts, not the least of which is creating a model of regional cooperation at a time when such cooperation is being encouraged by governments and expected by the public.

City of Edmonton

Size of Municipality: 972,223

Vision Zero at the City of Edmonton

The City remains deeply committed to a safe mobility system which contributes to all four of Edmonton’s strategic goals: healthy city, urban places, climate resiliency and regional economic prosperity.

Edmonton has received international recognition for road safety efforts and progress towards Vision Zero, the goal of zero traffic-related serious injuries and fatalities. In its 2022 Monitoring Progress in Urban Road Safety report, the International Transport Forum (ITF) named Edmonton as one of the top three cities out of 64 countries with the most reductions in traffic-related fatalities. According to the report, “these cities were able to significantly reduce road fatalities thanks to the implementation of robust and data-driven road safety policies”.

Strategic Statement

The Safe Mobility Strategy 2021-2025 is Edmonton’s plan to achieve Vision Zero through safer, more livable streets for all by 2032. The City crunched five years of crash data, asked Edmontonians about their experience on our streets, and learned from traffic safety strategies from around the world to develop the strategy.

Why We Are a Partner of CRISP

Partnering to Advance Safety Priorities is a key action in the Safe Mobility Strategy because Vision Zero can be achieved when everyone – from City staff to citizens to community groups, businesses and organizations – works together, learns from each other, and makes bold choices that prioritize safety and livability for all and build a healthy, vibrant city.

Every year in the capital region, people are injured or killed in preventable collisions that cause substantial personal and financial costs. These collisions result in higher insurance premiums, increased wait times for emergency services, higher taxes, legal costs, and travel delays. The cost to victims and their families is immeasurable.

The City of Edmonton is proud to be a member of CRISP. We recognize that we are successful when we work together by sharing experiences and best practices, and believe that working in partnership with CRISP is a way to achieve our goal of Vision Zero, and a safe, livable city for all.

City of St. Albert

St. Albert celebrates a rich history that dates back over 150 years. Known as the Botanical Arts City, St.Albert has: 

Minutes from Edmonton, residents enjoy its picturesque landscape, over 85 kilometres of trails, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, countless amenities and a robust arts and culture community. Ranked #1 Best Place to Live in Canada by MoneySense in 2014, St. Albert embraces families, businesses and supports a lifestyle where everyone can thrive.

Strathcona County

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality located to the east of Edmonton, Alberta. The County has a population of over 92,000 and includes the urban area of Sherwood Park and a large rural area with eight hamlets. Intersection Safety is a priority for Strathcona County. We are proud to partner with the other members of the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership to improve intersection safety in the Capital Region.

City of Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove, Alberta, is a vibrant, dynamic city located approximately 11 kilometres west of the provincial capital. Spruce Grove has become one of Western Canada’s fastest growing communities with a population of 35,766. It offers an ideal mix of conveniences, shopping and restaurants, side by side with plenty of recreation and leisure options, including more than 40 kilometers of all-weather trails which connects many of the city’s neighbourhoods, playgrounds and parks. This makes Spruce Grove a great place to live, work and raise a family. The City of Spruce Grove strives to have one of the safest road systems in the province for all road users. This can be achieved through education, awareness and enforcement. It is committed in developing partnerships, sharing resources, and expertise to integrate safety research to reduce the severity and frequency of collisions, which in turn promotes personal and community safety. For more information, visit

City of Fort Saskatchewan

For more information, visit City of Fort Saskatchewan

Town of Stony Plain

Following Highway 16, the Town of Stony Plain is located 17 kilometres west of the City of Edmonton with a current population of 17,842. We are a community proud of its history and heritage, with our well known murals and bridges located throughout the Town. Stony Plain is an active town with over 43 kilometres of trails, creating pedestrian and bicycle use as additional methods to vehicles to explore our community. Stony Plain strives to create safe neighborhoods to live, work, play, walk and drive in for all residents and visitors. We recognize this is not something we can accomplish alone and therefore work with many partners such as the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership to engage the community in achieving this objective together. For more information, visit Town of Stony Plain

City of Leduc

The City of Leduc is a thriving community of roughly 35,000 citizens and is perfectly situated along Alberta’s major transportation connections including their regional partner, the Edmonton International Airport. Offering the best of both worlds, Leduc has a younger demographic who enjoy the convenience of urban amenities, yet have proximity to employment opportunities in a smaller, family-oriented community. Leduc has been one of the fastest growing communities in the region, and was listed as one of the “friendliest communities in Canada” in 2018.

The City of Leduc has something for everyone including programs and services that enhance quality of life and sense of community. The pride of Leduc is the Leduc Recreation Centre which offers an abundance of offerings from NHL sized rinks to an aquatics and fitness centre. Residents can explore over 60km of paved Multiway Trails as well as the William F. Lede Park by Telford Lake. Some of Leduc’s unique local attractions include the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre, Dr. Woods House Museum, the Stone Barn Garden, and one of the last wooden grain elevators in Alberta.

Governed by a seven-member Council and an Administration team with a workforce of over 450 employees, the City of Leduc is proud to serve their community. With their Mission statement: People. Building. Community., and core values of “teamwork, service, respect and leadership,” the City currently has four key areas of focus:

  • A City Where People Want to Live, Work and Play
  • A City with a Plan for the Future
  • An Economically Prosperous City and Region
  • A Collaborative Community-Builder and Regional Partner

As traffic safety is critical component to “A City Where People Want to Live, Work and Play”, Leduc is pleased to be a partner in the Capital Region Integrated Safety Partnership.

For more information on Leduc please visit us at:

Town of Morinville

For more information, visit the Town of Morinville.

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