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Automated enforcement is a rich store of traffic safety information.

EDMONTON, January 30, 2013 – Traffic safety professionals in the Capital Region announced that the Automated Enforcement (AE) data collected from Intersection Safety Devices (ISDs) and Photo Radar Cameras (PRCs) could be used for more than sending tickets to speeders and red light runners. CRISP, the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership, has shown that drivers with AE violations are likely to be involved in more serious collisions than other drivers and more likely to be involved in criminal activities.

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AE and Driver Risk Study News Release (PDF)

Traffic collisions are at an all time high during long weekends.

EDMONTON, June 26, 2013 – As Albertans get ready for the July long weekend, traffic safety professionals in the Capital Region want to remind drivers that it can be a dangerous time to be on the roads. Historically, long weekends end with too many deadly collisions.

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July Long Weekend News Release (PDF)

Collisions carry hefty price tag: Crashes in the Capital Region cost nearly $1 billion annually.

EDMONTON, April 14, 2010 – Traffic safety professionals announced the costs of motor vehicle collisions in the Capital Region today. CRISP, the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership, estimates that nearly $1 billion is spent on collisions every year.

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Collision Cost Study News Release (PDF)

Unsafe Left Turns, Focus of CRISP Advertising Campaign: One of the Common Mistakes at Intersections.

Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership (CRISP) launched the latest message in its Real Consequences campaign with this month’s focus on making safe left turns at intersections. The campaign sends the message that driving is not a game, but a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. This idea is supported with images on billboards and in transit shelters, as well as radio commercials that will air throughout Edmonton and surrounding area.

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CRISP Left Turn News Release (PDF)