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Automated Enforcement and Detection of Driver Risk

CRISP partners supported a proof-of-concept study to explore the untapped potential of automated enforcement data. The original belief was that municipalities and law enforcement agencies across Alberta are sitting on a rich store of traffic safety information and could this data be put to work in other ways. The study found positive relationships between AE

Traffic collisions are at an all time high during long weekends.

EDMONTON, June 26, 2013 – As Albertans get ready for the July long weekend, traffic safety professionals in the Capital Region want to remind drivers that it can be a dangerous time to be on the roads. Historically, long weekends end with too many deadly collisions. “Even one death on Alberta roads this long weekend

Automated enforcement is a rich store of traffic safety information.

EDMONTON, January 30, 2013 – Traffic safety professionals in the Capital Region announced that the Automated Enforcement (AE) data collected from Intersection Safety Devices (ISDs) and Photo Radar Cameras (PRCs) could be used for more than sending tickets to speeders and red light runners. CRISP, the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership, has shown that drivers

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