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2010: Rushed a Left Turn Campaign

In January 2010, CRISP targeted unsafe left turns by reminding motorists that driving is not a game, but a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. The overall goal of the campaign was to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities at Capital Region intersections by showing the real consequences that can happen when drivers make unsafe left turns in front of oncoming traffic. Unsafe left turns are consistently the second most frequently identified cause of collisions in the Capital Region. Statistics indicate that from January to October 2009, there were 1394 collisions in Edmonton where unsafe left turns were the cause. Of those, 358 were injury collisions and 1036 involved property damage. The campaign utilized billboards, transit shelters and radio advertising and aligned with the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar which is focusing on intersection safety for the month of January.

CRISP Rushed a Left Turn News Release (PDF)


Listen to the Rushed a Left Turn Radio Spot


Rushed a Left Turn Creative
Rushed a Left Turn Billboard (PDF)




Rushed a Left Turn Transit Shelter (PDF)