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8th International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety

CRISP is proud to co-host Edmonton’s 8th International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety. Towards Vision Zero – Zero Fatalities and Serious Injuries is the theme for the 2016 event that will be held April 25 – 28, 2016 at the Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre.

The goal of the 2016 conference is to showcase world class best practices in the use of the Safe System Approach towards creating safer communities for all road users. The conference will:

  • Increase awareness that traffic safety is a shared responsibility between road users and those who design, maintain, and operate all parts of the road transportation system,
  • Improve our understanding of the guiding principles which support a Safe Systems Approach,
  • Gain more knowledge of global urbanization and future challenges for traffic safety practitioners in creating sustainable and livable communities, and,
  • Provide an opportunity for traffic safety stakeholders to network, develop skills and forge connections with the global traffic safety community.

The conference is designed for law enforcement, engineers, legal professionals, community partners, academics and researchers, students, and professionals interested in the latest traffic safety strategies around the world and includes:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Over 24 Concurrent Sessions
  • Post-Conference Workshops
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Exhibitors
  • Networking with over 300 Canadian and International Professionals
  • Run Walk Ride for VISION ZERO

For more information or to register for Edmonton’s 8th Annual International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety visit their website

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CRISP believes in openly sharing knowledge and experience with and among members, stakeholders and targeted publics. As part of this commitment, CRISP continues to use their collaborative nature to expand their reach by supporting learning opportunities that bring together individuals, organizations and municipalites experiencing similar issues and problems in traffic safety. In addition, CRISP members attend conferences and workshops to present papers to actively to distribute its work and to interact with researchers and practitioners.

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