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Safe System

CRISP secured the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in Australia to complete a pilot project on the engineering application of the Safe System Approach at selected intersections within Alberta’s Capital Region. The Safe System aims to define how intersections should ‘look and operate’ in order to develop a death and serious injury-free transportation system. Several countries have used the Safe System philosophy to develop and implement successful road safety programs, including Vision Zero in Sweden and Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands.

The intent of the project was to highlight the differences between the traditional road-safety practices within the Capital Region and those which can be generated via Safe System approach. The Phase 1 report examines the road environment within the Capital Region and provides recommendations to mitigate any safety risks identified from engineering application of the Safe System model. The Workshop report documents the comments and outcomes of the workshop held in Edmonton to assess the design feasibility of the innovative intersection designs proposed to address problematic intersections within the Edmonton Capital Region

Safe System_Phase 1 Full Report (PDF)

Safe System_Phase 1 Executive Summary (PDF)

Safe System_Phase 1 Technical Summary (PDF)

Safe System_Workshop Full Report (PDF)

Safe System_Workshop Executive Summary (PDF)



CRISP partners share resources and expertise to implement on-going, collaborative and integrated intersection safety research and initiatives to reduce the frequency and severity of intersection collisions in Alberta’s Capital Region. Initiatives are evidence-based and integrate best practices in the areas of education, engineering and enforcement followed by evaluation of results, and target four priorities: red light violations, pedestrian safety, speed and high crash locations.

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